Friday, January 2, 2015

  Neobux is a PTC website that pays its members for clicking on the advertisements and visiting the sponsored websites for a given time. The time is usually around some 12 seconds, so it’s not a time waste for you. The money you make by clicking ads is not much compared to your daily 9-6 job, but Neobux also provides a few other ways to maximize your earnings with tasks, surveys and offers. Especially through rented or direct referrals
One of the Very most important factors when joining a PTC site is exactly how long has the site been established. To be honest, when joining a PTC site such as clix-sense, paidverts,  or even Neobux for that matter, how long the PTC site has been around is the very last thing you should be looking for. As time goes by so does the opportunity for developing referrals. It's called "OVER KILL" for advertising! To many ads out for the same opportunity. Even if some jerk has 10000 referrals, he's still placing ads because his primary role is to discourage you from advertising Driving into your head "a cornered market. It's called brain washing for short.
Stand your ground, and stick with your ad campaign. Get your clicks in, and kick some ass. 
  Last thing to remember is...the newer the PTC site, the greater the advantage growing with the company.

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